Brian Greene, Ph.D.

Brian Greene, Ph.D., Honorary Board


Science Talent Search 1980
国际Science and Engineering Fair 1980

Greene, professor of physics and mathematics, is renowned for his groundbreaking discoveries in superstring theory, including the co-discovery of mirror symmetry and of spatial topology change. He is known to the public through his books, The Elegant Universe, The Fabric of the Cosmos, The Hidden Reality, and Until the End of Time, which have collectively spent 67 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. The Washington Post called him “the single best explainer of abstruse concepts in the world today.” Professor Greene hosted two Peabody and Emmy Award winning NOVA miniseries based on his books and is a frequent television guest, joining Stephen Colbert eight times and playing himself in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. He has also had cameo roles in a number of Hollywood films including Frequency, Maze and The Last Mimzy.

With producer Tracy Day, Greene co-founded the World Science Festival, he is the Editor-in-Chief of The Annals of Physics and the Director of Columbia University’s Center for Theoretical Physics.

Greene is an alumnus of the 1980 Science Talent Search and the 1980 International Science and Engineering Fair.