Frank Wilczek, Ph.D.

Frank Wilczek, Ph.D.


Science Talent Search 1967

Wilczek has received many prizes for his work in physics, including the Nobel Prize in Physics (2004) for work he did as a graduate student at Princeton University when he was 21 years old.

Among other things, he is known for the discovery of asymptotic freedom and modern quantum chromodynamics, the invention of axions and their possible role as astronomical “dark matter”, and pioneering explorations of new kinds of quantum statistics (anyons) and new states of matter (time crystals). Recently he has co-founded (with Nathan Newman) the SciHub project at ASU, dedicated to advancing visionary technologies toward practical use.

Wilczek has been anthologized in the Norton Anthology of Light Verse and twice in Best American Science Writing. His “Wilczek’s Universe” columns appear regularly in the Wall Street Journal. In addition to hundreds of original scientific articles, he is co-author (with his wife, Betsy Devine) of Longing for the Harmonies, and author of Fantastic Realities, Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces, and, most recently, A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature’s Deep Design.

Wilczek is an alumnus of the 1967 Science Talent Search.