STEM Research Grants FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Any teacher employed full time in a high school or middle school in the United States (or United
States territory) is eligible. Preference will be given to applications that come from schools that
serve underrepresented populations in STEM. If you have previously received a STEM Research
格兰特,你有资格申请。教师who are teaching in US schools overseas are
eligible if their school provides a US diploma to graduates.

The application will close at 11:59 PM ET on November 15, 2021. The review process will take
approximately 2 – 3 weeks. Grantees will be notified in late November or early December.
Grantees requesting funding for specialized equipment will receive a paper check mailed to their
school or school district by the December 15, 2021. Grantees selected to receive take‐home kits
will receive the bulk of their equipment by December 31, 2021, dependent on manufacturer

If you have specific equipment in mind you should apply for up to $5,000.

如果你不需要特定的设备,我f you are just starting out with independent
student research, or if you prefer to receive the items off of the take‐home kit list, you should
apply for $1,000 worth of take‐home kits.

Yes, you can apply for one or both grants. If you are selected, it will be for one or the other, not

If your student needs financial assistance in connecting with a mentor, you should apply on your
student’s behalf. The funds can cover the following categories:

  • Travel expenses to allow the student (and parent if appropriate) to meet with their mentor
    at least twice in person, following all school district and governmental COVID‐19 protocols
    and rules. This can include air, bus, rail, taxi, ride‐share, or subway fare.

    • Note: in order for grant funds to be used for travel, the supervising teacher must first receive written confirmation from the mentor, the school administrations, and the student’s parent/guardian that travel and in‐person meeting is safe.
  • Meals for the student, scientist mentor, and parent (if needed)
  • Lodging for the student and parent
    • We encourage teachers to first consider mentors closer to their geographic area.
  • Technology needed for a minimum of 4 additional virtual mentoring sessions, including
    electronic devices, hot spots, webcams, etc.
  • Attire for the student if business casual clothing is needed for in‐person visits and the
    student has this need

We expect that grantees will deliver a final report, including photos, on the use of the
equipment. The deadline will be clearly communicated at least 30 days in advance and will be
dependent upon the timing of receipt of equipment. Photos should include students using the
equipment as well as some photos with the teacher included. Any student that is identifiable in
a photo will require a photo release signed by a parent or guardian.

All equipment is considered property of the school, not the individual teacher. Grantees will also
be expected to notify the Society if they change schools or are otherwise unable to utilize the
equipment and will identify another teacher at that school to take over the responsibilities.

When you are initially filling out the application, make sure to “Save as Draft” early and often.
You can save and come back to your application at any time before the submission deadline.
You will log in using your username and password to edit your application. You can also edit
your application after it has been submitted as final, as long as it is before the submission